About Us

Rama construes the philosophy of aestheticism and luxury on a unique ideological framework. The firm believes in dynamism by striving to achieve the zenith of artistic excellence. Rama has introduced multiple facets of designing paradigms in the elite fields of architectural, interior, and relevant realms of living and workspace project designs. Rama believes in conveying Luxury through unmatched living experience which is centered to the company’s philosophy of innovation. Rama has passion to deliver the best in its class with unflinching commitment which is also the central attitude pivotal to the staggering success of Rama.

International presence with unwavering spirit to merit gives an edge and motivating force to the firm’s capacity to create. Rama is known for the rigor to produce and deliver a step more than what is expected by the clients in terms of quality, fineness, and aestheticism. Rama’s product collection is dreamscapes to interior stylists, artists, and enthusiasts of personal space design and architectural passion.

Rama assays quality and reliability of its processes and procurement ethos with utmost honesty, integrity, and unflustered vigor. Never a stone is left unturned when it comes to meeting the exacting standards of quality checkup, delivery processes, and punctuality. The company also boasts one of the best infrastructural setups in its class, its two state-of-art mining and sorting facilities provide a space where magical feats are achieved to produce semi luxurious stones of exceptional blend and class.

Company’s owned quarries have the capacity to produce some of the most sought after colors in sections like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Various kinds of Jaspers, Aventurine Agates and many other aesthetic blends.

Few composites that make Rama the most sought after semi-precious stone manufacturer globally are: Agate Tiles, Tiger Eye Tiles, Mother of pearl Tiles, Malachite Tiles, Semi-Precious Counter Tops, Luxury Bathrooms, Semi-Precious kitchen Counters, Agate Counter Tops, Gemstone Slabs, Semi- Precious Slabs, Gemstone Tiles, Semi- Precious Tiles, Mother of Pearl Tiles, Mother of pearl Slabs, Gemstone Table Tops, Semi-Precious Table Tops, Tiger Eye Slabs, Tiger Eye Tiles, Malachite Tiles/Malachite Slabs, Lapis Tiles and many others in the category.